Best Open World PS4 Games

Top 15 Open World PS4 Games of All Time

These games are ranked by play score. A standard rating that averages gamer and critic reviews. Opening our list of the top 15 open world PS4 games.

Top 15 Open World PS4 Games

Far Cry 4

Before Far Cry 5 hits the stores this year. It’s time we looked back to the life of a Jay Galle. A man caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Far Cry 4 Open World PS4 Games

Far Cry 4 Open World PS4 Games|

Far Cry 4 showcases Ubisoft’s potential for open-world games. Travel to a fictional Kirat located in the Himalayas and weighed down the future of this quaint little place in the midst of a civil war.

Meet pagan min. The game’s enigmatic antagonist stop his influence by blowing his shit up. Knowing Ubisoft this game is filled with breathtaking visuals. From the ruins of ancient civilizations to snow-capped mountains.

It goes without saying that this is the most beautiful Far Cry game to date.

It has a play score of 8.33

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

No one could ever forget about the Festus Skyrim. To change the way we see open-world games. Be the Dragonborn and save Skyrim from imminent doom, but before you save it to explore it’s huge in the gorgeous world. take side missions to craft weapons troll NPCs Or just have fun with mods.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition Open World PS4 Games

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition Open World PS4 Games|

This special edition contains everything Skyrim has to offer from its enhanced visuals performance and also all the DLCs from the original.

Take part in the ultimate Dragonborn experience to the Play score of 8.38

Gravity Rush Remastered

Defy gravity in the single-player venture game from Sony. follow Kat and her journey towards self-discovery and saving the world. Her ability to manipulate gravity is obviously the game centerpiece.

Gravity Rush Remastered Open World PS4 Games

Gravity Rush Remastered Open World PS4 Games|

Made her in her quest to stop the mysterious Nephi from attacking the open-world city of hex ville. Gameplay is the free-flowing action that centers around floating in the air and talking to people.

This remastered version features a full Dual Shock for support and bonus updates that increase the overall experience.

It has a play score of 8.41

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Monolith Studios award-winning hack and slash RPG still makes it to our list.

Middle earth Shadow of Mordor Open World PS4 Games

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor Open World PS4 Games|

Straight from Tolkien’s masterpiece follow the story of Caliburn boar and the non-canon reindeer Italian in their quest to stop Saurons non-canon legion. Explore the horrors and the beauty behind the black gates and witness more door before Sauron’s return.

Slay hundreds of orcs with their combined powers and dominate them at your own will. Aside from its hack and slash element,s nothing can ever come close to the game’s unique Nemesis system. Each time you die Or you kill an orc captain a one-of-a-kind scenario triggers that opens new doors for vengeance.

It has a play score of 8.51

Fallout 4

Dive deep into the radioactive mess of this post-apocalyptic Boston and Bethesda’s latest fallout Game.

Fallout 4 Open World PS4 Games|

The story is simple to find your missing son after a mysterious nuclear explosion killed half of the Earth’s population. Awaken outside your special vault and explore the irradiated wasteland. This is where the game shines.

By using your trusty Pip-Boy roll around this infested world and meet friends enemies and weird since. Choices matter, but it’s not new Vegas, so that’s a topic for another time.

The game had his fair share criticism, but it’s still a decent game overall.

It has a play score of 8.51

Dishonoured 2

Arcane studio sequel to the best stealth action experience we’ve had so far is amping up the stealth action experience.

The game is set after the events of the first game.

This time control 2 characters the main character Corvo and Empress Emily. The story begins when the mysterious usurper claims the throne. Make difficult moral choices as the game forces you to kill or not kill your enemies.

Sneak around the medieval steampunk world of Dishonoured and use your supernatural powers to take down your enemies and fulfil your quest for revenge. Both Emily and Corvo share different move sets and choosing between them is up to you.

But it has play score of 8.6. 1

Batman Arkham Knight

The final story of our favourite caped crusader. Rocksteady’s latest Arkham game features more explosions a Batmobile and psycho villains.

Batman Arkham Knight Open World PS4 Games

Batman Arkham Knight Open World PS4 Games|

Gotham is that its lowest again with a return of the notorious scarecrow. His plans to destroy the city is looking dangerous as ever the presence of the mysterious Arkham Knight.

This is the most open Arkham game to date. Explore the bleak alleyways of this corrupted city with your powerful Batmobile and stop crime on the go. Use Batman’s various gadgets to take down the most dangerous threats Gotham City has to offer.

It has a play score of 8.63

Assassin’s Creed Origins

After a year of hiatus Ubisoft’s franchise makes a grand scale return.

Travel to the line of Pharaohs in ancient Egypt and follow the story of Baiyang. As he uncovers a sinister threat lurking behind royal shadows.

Assassin's Creed Origins Open World PS4 Games

Assassin’s Creed Origins Open World PS4 Games|

Since this is Ubisoft the open-world experience is the main reason why this game was heavily praised. Egypt is the largest open-world city on an Assassin’s Creed game ever and it is filled with so many things to do.

Aside from that players can now customize their own character in a full RPG adventure. Upgrade your weapons abilities and so much more. You can even use your pet eagle to scout areas from afar.

It’s a marvel of open-world creations, and it receives play score of 8.67

Yakuza 0

Find out the birth of the Yakuza and this brutal prequel of the popular series from Sega.

Yakuza 0 Open World PS4 Games

Yakuza 0 Open World PS4 Games|

Uncover the origins of Japan’s most powerful underground syndicate and follow Kiryuin Majima story in the middle of a clan war.

Set in the 80s it brings a whole new feel to classic open-world Japan and this mix of arcade-style action. Explore the city when you’re not busy using your fists. Play some karaoke or dance around in the city’s neon lights.

It’s a bold experience inside the Japanese underworld and it receives a play score of 8.69

Dark Souls 3

Everyone could say they’re good at video games, but did they play Dark Souls. From software’s award-winning series returns for their last entry.

It’s all fun and games until you fight the same boss over and over. This third part of the trilogy takes it to even greater heights with bigger and better bosses.

By that, we mean you yet to die twice as much now. Considered as the semi-open world you don’t get the freedom to go beyond towns. Access is limited, but players can backtrack their adventure at the cost of their life.

Aside from that, the game features two massive DLC that extends the lore of the game by adding new bosses and story. A Solid farewell to the series.

It receives a play score of 8.77

Horizon Zero Dawn

One of PlayStation forces massive exclusives. Guerrilla games ambitious open-world RPG sets the scale for upcoming games in terms of exploration Story, and content.

Horizon Zero Dawn Open World PS4 Games

Horizon Zero Dawn Open World PS4 Games|

Set in a post-apocalyptic earth mechanical beasts roam the land and it’s up to our lovely protagonist a Lloyd to unite their tribes and uncover a mystery deeper than the world around them.

You’ll be on the border and witness the ps4 capability. Survive the extremes and use makeshift weapons to overpower the mechanized threats. It’s a mix of beauty in destruction in each part of the land, and it’s one of the PS4’s best-selling games.

It has a play score of 8.82

NieR: Automata

Yoga taro has grace gamers all around the world with a beautiful and badass android.

NieR Automata Open World PS4 Games

NieR Automata Open World PS4 Games|

In a post-apocalyptic world, the earth is not all green anymore. Humans have left the planet in an effort to escape from their sins.

This spinoff from the Drakengard series takes you to the life of Android to be in a quest to unveil a mystery hidden inside this forsaken planet.

Explore a barren and desolate earth filled with alien robots and weird festivals. Roam around with your Android buddies to find the ultimate search.

Humanity cheesy as it may sound the game executed it’s emotional moments perfectly.

It has 24 different endings and a play score of 8.88

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Big bosses adventures are finally ending in this final installment of Kojima’s well-loved series.

Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Open World PS4 Games

Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Open World PS4 Games|

This time control venom snake in his quest to hunt down the mysterious skull face.

For the first time in the series, it boasts a huge open world element. Travel between three massive areas including Afghanistan Africa and your very own mother base.

Engage in fun and strategic espionage missions with its deep emergent gameplay. Choose between guns blazing or stealth at your own pace. It might not be the best MGS game in terms of story.

But it’s improved gameplay makes up for everything. It’s a shame we won’t get to see another Metal Gear game anymore.

It has a play score of 8.94

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

If not the greatest open-world RPG game ever. It serves as a benchmark for master crafted games.

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Open World PS4 Games

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Open World PS4 Games|

Follow the final story of Geralt of Rivia in his quest to find Ciri.

For the first time in the series be part of the story as your choices really do matter and every action you take determines the game’s main ending.

Take monster contracts to slay the nastiest beats and find the love of your life for the game’s wide range of girls to choose from. I mean come on it’s the witcher we’re talking about. It won numerous awards that it saved Poland from economic downfall.

It receives a deserving plays score of 8.97

Grand Theft Auto 5

The best PlayStation 4 open-world game is none other than Grand Theft Auto 5.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Open World PS4 Games

Grand Theft Auto 5 Open World PS4 Games|

Rockstars iconic franchise stood the test of time.

Release last 2013 this PlayStation 4 version those overhauled visuals fit for the console.

Believe the lives of three main characters brought up by one factor of money. It’s the first GTA game to feature multiple characters to play and it might not be the last.

Witness how Rockstar designs their open-world games with gorgeous detail from the bustling city to the sunlit mountains. There’s no shortage of things to do and people to f**K around with.

Man, this game never gets old. A play score of 9.1 4

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