In today’s article, we’ll be talking about the next major PS4 system update. You can sign up to be a beta tester right now. Spider-man PS4 has a classic suit revealed for the first time. Todd Howard has talked about a variety of different things. Such as the potential for Fallout New Vegas situation and why that is unlikely to happen? As well as the possibility of an Elder Scrolls III Morrowind remasters. A big update to Enter the Gungeon has been released today.

THQ Nordic has revealed their lineup for 2018 more on that at the end of this article…

PS4 System Software Update

First, let’s talk about the next major PS4 system software update and that is update 6.0. Whenever they have these clean update numbers. Such as update 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0. These updates are usually pretty major and add a lot of new features.

Right now Sony has started to recruit beta testers for North American registration is open right now. Here is the link below. The eligible period of registration is between July 19th and July 27th. Those that have been selected to be a part of the beta test will be announced at a later date. You’ll probably be notified via email. If you were suggested as that is how they usually do these things.

To give you guys an idea of how major of an update this could be… Update 5.5 included many new features including supersampling mode teams and a lot of quality of life improvement. That supersampling mode was pretty major. Especially for the PlayStation 4 pro. As it essentially included visual improvements for those of you on a 1080p screen with a ps4 prong that’s pretty huge.

An idea of what could come with system software update 6.0? There was a lot of rumors circulating that PlayStation now Sony streaming service was gonna introduce a download feature for their games. At least for their PlayStation 4 games the PS3 games. I think are out of the question. Since of course, the PS4 is not backward compatible. But a software update 6.0 introducing downloads for PlayStation. Now I don’t think that’s out of the question but expect a lot of major updates and updates that will just make your overall PS4 experience a lot better.

Sign up for beta testing for PS4 system Update – Software update 6.0

Again a link to sign up for beta testing for system software update 6.0 will be in the description box down below. It’s kind of exclusive in terms of who gets accepted to a but it can’t hurt to at least signup.

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Moving on from that as we are inching closer and closer to Spider-man PS4 release on September 7th. We just get new bits and pieces of information seemingly every day and here’s another one.

The PlayStation Twitter account poses this…

Check out what Spider-man’s been up to

Check out what Spider-man’s been up to in Marvel’s New York and along with that, it showcases a classic suit for spider-man. The design looks pretty on point and I personally was already super stoked for spider-man. So whenever I see just little pieces of information like this it just gets me more excited about the game.

Classic suit - Spiderman

Classic suit – Spiderman|

I think Sony and PlayStation have done a masterful job in promoting the game. They really haven’t let all of the information out of the bad the little pieces of information like this that isn’t game breaking by any means. But gets everyone looking at Spider-man and just gets everybody more excited for the game. I think they have done just a fantastic job of promoting this game.

Really think people are gonna be shocked with how this game does commercially? It is going to be one of the biggest games of the year. I don’t know if it’s gonna do better commercially than God of War. But I don’t think that’s as much of a far cry as many gamers think it’s big. We’ll find out soon enough as again we are getting very close to the release of Spider-man it is coming on September 7th.

Bethesda Todd Howard

Next, let’s talk a little bit about Bethesda Todd Howard just spoke to the Guardian and he talked about a lot of different things. Namely, if the situation like Fallout New Vegas would occur again. Have you aren’t familiar with the release of Fallout New Vegas. I really can’t blame you that game at this point is almost eight years old… Yeah, that’s kind of hard to believe. But the main with us the team actually didn’t work on a Fallout New Vegas.

Bethesda Todd Howard

Todd Howard|

It was actually a little studio known as Obsidian and Obsidian has grown to be one of the major RPG development studios in their own right. They’ve worked on games such as Pillars of Eternity they did South Park The Stick of Truth more recently they’ve released Pose of Eternity too they also did Tyranny.

A lot of games have been done by them. But they also did Fallout New Vegas and many would consider being Fallout New Vegas the best of the recent Fallout games. Here’s what Todd Howard said about that…

I wouldn’t say never to an outside studio but now that our company is so big. It’s always better to keep stuff internal. It becomes less likely. He did give up the city and a lot of credit continuing by saying I thought it the Obsidian guys did a fabulous job.

Fallout New Vegas

I personally was expecting something more similar to Fallout New Vegas with Fallout 76. 76 looks to be more focused on multiplayer gameplay. I thought what the fallout game this year that would just go to a new setting and keep the entirety of Fallout 4 really intact in terms of the foundation of its gameplay. That’s kind of the case with Fallout 76 the fundamentals seem to be still intact. But of course multiplayer is the focus as far as giving their IPs to an outside studio. It looks like that is a little bit unlikely at this point.

Fallout New Vegas PS4 System UPDATE

Todd Howard also talked about various remasters…

Of course, they have released The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on a wide range of platforms. So what they ever remastered the Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind. Here’s what Todd Howard said about that…

For Skyrim remastered we had done some work on it. but it was already pretty visually close but for something like Morrowind. My personal preference is not to remaster it. I’m happy that you can play Morrowind now on an Xbox one as it’s backward compatible. I’m really happy that Microsoft Sony Nintendo and others are making it easier for people to play older games as they were played at the time.

I’d rather you play Morrowind the way it was. I think the age is a part of its identity.

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Playing older games on current platforms

He also continued talking about playing older games on current platforms and saying this…

Well, I think streaming technology is definitely coming and it’s gonna make people’s access to games infinitely easier. You’ve seen what happened to music and movies and I think it’s a greater thing. I would directly agree that gaming movies and music are three distinctly different things with gaming you have that interactivity. We’ve seen a lot of game streaming services and they have seemingly always fought.

PlayStation now online. Do you even know what on life was online is actually something PlayStation acquired could make it to PlayStation now? But let’s not talk about it because I feel the majority of gamers do not want to be streaming their games. But nonetheless, I’m not here to get into that debate right now Todd Howard just pointed that out. As far as a Morrowind remaster it looks like that won’t ever be happening.

Fallout New Vegas

It looks like a situation with Fallout New Vegas where they get an outside studio to work on one of their IPs. Like that isn’t completely out of the question but with Bethesda being as big as it is now. It seems less likely than ever I mean you look at Bethesda they are working on three major games right now.

Fallout 76 which is nearing completion but they’re also doing starfield and they’re also doing other School 6. That is actually pretty insane when you think about how big all of those games are set to be. They’ve got Elder Scrolls Blades and I’m sure they’ve got a couple of other unannounced projects. but those this is becoming one of the biggest game studios in all of gaming.

New update released to Enter The Gungeon

Moving on from that there has been a new update released to Enter The Gungeon. this is a very charming game that you can pick up over at the PlayStation Store and it’s added a lot of new content. Including better drop rates of new bosses and over 500 new synergies. there’s a very in-depth article over at the PlayStation blog that goes over the changes. But it includes a ton of new content and challenge balancing. while making Enter the Gungeon a far more generous place for those new to the game.

Enter The Gungeon PS4 System UPDATE

there’s an overhaul to the Synergies a ton of quality of life improvements and there are two new bosses and one new mini-boss. if you are a fan Enter the Gungeon or you never checked out the game now is the perfect time to revisit the game or pick it up for the first time.

THQ Nordic has revealed their Gamescom 2018

Finally THQ Nordic has revealed their Gamescom 2018 lineup and there are gonna be some surprise announcements. But we’ve got some confirmations on games that will be there. Of course, Darksiders 3 is gonna be there that’s their major game right now. At least in the coming months, that game is gonna see a November release. So they really need to ramp up anticipation for that title.

thqnordic PS4 System UPDATE

Generation Zero the newly announced title by Avalanche that’ll be at the big show.

Another major title that’ll be there that I’m very excited for is Bio Mutant one of the major surprises of last year is coming back with a new gameplay demo. On top of that, we’ve got paid to silence that sends a player into a world of unrelenting winter fighting not only hunger and monsters but also nature itself.

Personally, I’m really excited to see more of Generation Zero and biome in those two games look very exciting new fresh IPs. I’m sure that drunk sadist 3 will also be cool but bio meaning and generations for Me a bit higher in terms of anticipation.


On top of that, they do have a couple of surprise announcements as well. so that is gonna conclude this article again.

The new ps4 system software update 6.0 is coming and if you want to be a beta tester you can sign up to do so right now.

News about Spider-man continues to trickle out. now we’ve got a classic suit revealed for the first time.

Fallout New Vegas situation where Bethesda gets an outside studio to work on fallout is probably unlikely given how big Bethesda is now.

If it’s Todd Howard’s decision to make the Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind will never be remastered.

There’s a big update that’s been released to enter the Gungeon and THQ Nordic has revealed their games come 2018 lineup highlights include Darksiders 3, Generation Zero and Bio Mutant.

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