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PS4 Secrets and Hack – You Never Know About

What’s up everyone and welcome back to iPSNCodes. Today we’re talking about five more secrets and hacks you didn’t know about your PS4. Now with there being so many essential ps4 exclusives these days. We can probably safely assume that you all have PS4.

Have most likely heard of life hacks before. But recently PlayStation Network Launches New PSN Flash Sale for PSN lovers with these hacks are little tricks that you can use to make your life easier. Hopefully, you can use the second set of tips and tricks to your advantage.

So let’s go…

Add Free Games To Your Library

Add all of the PlayStation Plus free games to your library.

So first up on this list we have a feature that not a lot of people take advantage of it. If you have PlayStation Plus then you have access to the few free games each month courtesy of PlayStation. Now if you were to install each game on your PlayStation every month. You’ll probably run out of space pretty quickly. But PlayStation offers this awesome feature where you can add games to your library without actually downloading them.

ps4 hacks and Secret you never know

Get Secret Tricks and Hack for PS4|

The feature is useful when you have a full system and really want to try out one of the few free games. But you aren’t in the position to delete any of your current games.

All you need to do is…

Press the add to library button. Even if you don’t want to play the game right now.

Because you never know if you’re gonna want to play the game ever. And why to pay for it Later. When you can get it for free now.

Then if you end up not wanting it you can just delete it. So there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t add the free games to your library every month.

Stream PS4 Games on Your PC

So as long as the internet connection is good enough. You’re able to play your ps4 remotely from a computer. Now in order to set this up all you need to do is…

ps4 remote play windows mac

PS4 Remote Play Windows/Mac|

Open up your search engine and search ps4 remote play Windows PC / Mac.

Then click on the first link. When the page loads download the link to your specific computer.

Turn on your ps4 and go into your settings.

Scroll to Remote Play connection settings.

Select enable Remote Play.

While your ps4 is on just going controller to your computer.

Launch the remote play software you downloaded.

There you go…

Turn on your ps4 and TV at the same time

So I don’t know how often this happens to other people. But honestly, it’s one of the most annoying things. When I go to turn on my ps4 and then I can’t find the TV remote. Maybe it’s just me being lazy. But it actually makes me a bit salty having to get up and walk across the room to go turn my TV on.

Stream PS4 Games on Your PC

Stream PS4 Games on Your PC|

I never actually knew that this feature existed until a few months ago. Honestly, it’s super handy.

In order to do this follow this simple step…

Go into your settings.

Scroll down to the system.

Hit enable HDMI link. this is such a lifesaver for those of us who absolutely hate having to stand back up.

After getting comfortable in your gaming chair and expecting to be in there for a long session. But instead of being cozy we’re forced to get back up and either find the remote or press the button on the TV itself.

Luckily this feature exists so we can easily just forget their own and not have to worry about.

Get More Life From Your Controllers

So this one might actually save your life. I don’t know about any of you but my biggest problem when playing on my ps4 is The controller’s battery life. I had this issue way back when I first got my PS4. Where my controllers would just die in the middle of games. Even if they were fully charged when I started.

But then I realized that the light bar on the back of the PS4 controller was probably draining a good amount of the battery life.

Get More Life From Your ps4 Controllers

Get More Life From Your ps4 Controllers|

So I decided to do some awesome detective research. And find out if I could actually either turn the light completely off or at least dim it. So it would use less battery. It turns out that you can actually dim the lights. But if you loved to change color on PlayStation 4 Controller then you need to read our PSN blog.

All you have to do is…

Hold down the home button.

scroll over to adjust sound and devices.

Change the brightness of the DualShock floor light bar settings to dim.

This trick is super simple but it’s a lifesaver. Before I was getting maybe four to five hours of life for a charge. As soon as I changed the setting its increased to around seven.

If you’re someone who absolutely hates freezing in the middle of the game to see ya… Please reconnect your controller screen and then frantically running around searching for a cable long enough to reach from either the wall to where you’re sitting.

OR from where your console is to where you’re sitting all before dying. Then I would definitely look into changing this setting.

Change your internet settings to get faster internet

So this last one I didn’t actually know about until Recently. but it can honestly be a huge lifesaver if you suffer from the bad internet. So if you’re stuck gaming using bad Wi-Fi or even with a bad wired connection. You’re still experiencing issues you might want to try this one Out.

ps4 Change your internet settings to get faster internet

PS4 Change Your Internet Settings to Get Faster Internet|

All you have to do is…

Open settings.

Scroll down to the network section.

Now I definitely recommend running a connection test before you do this to see if it actually helps you.

After the connection test.

Go to setup internet connection Select whichever way you’d normally connect to the Internet.

Whether that be through Wi-Fi or a LAN cable It doesn’t actually matter. as it works on either one.

After you’ve selected your connection it’s going to ask you how you want to set up the connection.

When you see this press the custom option.

It’ll then take you through which IP address settings you want to use
Just click automatic and get on to the next one.

After that, it’ll ask you to specify a DHCP hostname. You just have to press do not specify now.

The next screen that shows up is the one where you want to select the manual option.

Once you do it it’ll take you to a screen with two separate places for you to fill in information.

In the top row.

You’re going to want to type in the numbers and then press done

For the second row.

You’ll need to type in 208.678.20.20 and then you press done.

After you’ve completed those two things.

Go ahead and press the next button from then on you want to click automatically for the MTU settings.

Then for the proxy server do not use. After that, the connection will test and you can compare those numbers to the original test that you did.

There you go…

Hopefully, this trick will work for you as well as it did for me. So here is our list of five more secrets and hacks that you didn’t know about your ps4.

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