10 PS4 HACKS You Probably Didn’t Know That Can Make GAMING EASIER

10 PS4 HACKS You Probably Didn’t Know That Can Make GAMING EASIER

The best-selling console on the market right now is the PlayStation 4. Given the technical advances of gaming consoles over the last few years. PS4 Hacks is likely capable of way more than you actually Know. What’s up guys welcome to iPSN Update. Today we are going to be looking at ten PlayStation 4 hacks. Now not actually hacks, not a way to hack Somebody’s PlayStation, but more like a gamer hacker, or life hacks of things Maybe you didn’t know that Your console can actually do.

let’s go over 10 ps4 Hacks that maybe you did or maybe you didn’t know. You can never go wrong with an extra layer of security on anything that you own electronic wise.

Setup A Passcode

Setting up a passcode, and you don’t want people using your console when you’re not home. It’s like your computer You have all your stuff saved on there. You don’t want somebody going in and messing with it.
And you can actually prevent this and make sure that no one plays Unless you are there. You can find the options for this in the Parental Control section of the Settings on your PlayStation 4.

So only you can access your account and even make it so only you can access certain games.

You can actually make it Where if they got in. They can’t play the games that you don’t want to if you live with younger siblings or anything like that?

You don’t want them playing those M. Rated games. You can take care of that. It’s all under parental controls. I actually have a password set up on mine. I have to put it in every time I log into the PlayStation 4, and I highly recommend it.

Use Your Phone As A Remote

Did you know that you can actually use your phone your smartphone as a remote? By downloading the PlayStation app on your phone. There’s actually a ton of cool stuff you can do with it. Aside from buying and downloading games without having to turn on your console, You can actually sync your app with your system to use your phone as your remote. This will allow you to do things like sending Messages, type sentences from your phone on a full keyboard as opposed to slowly typing one letter at a time with your DualShock 4 controller.

If you are someone who spends a lot of text on the ps4 talks a lot, whatever You should probably look into the PlayStation app for your phone. As it would save you a ton of time make texting easier Messaging easier all kinds of stuff. So give it a try and let me know what you think.

Get A Bigger Hard Drive

Many of us are familiar with the external hard drives that many consoles offer for extra space. but in addition to that, I’m sure many Of you are also aware of how huge digital games are now. they are big often taking 10 times as much space. as they did on the Xbox 360 and the ps3.

And if you want to get a new hard drive for your ps4 you can actually just replace the one that’s already inside of it. Sony is actually totally in favour of users replacing the ps4 hard drive and even it has detailed instructions online. how to safely and efficiently replace your hard drive.

so if you’ve been running out of disk space recently I recommend you check those out and see what you can do because your average game is like 40 to 80 gig right now. and if You don’t have a very big PlayStation 4 hard drive. You’re gonna find yourself Literally only be able to store one or two games on your console.

Syncing Your Console with Your TV

Have you ever wished you could use your TV remote control as your PlayStation remote? Maybe not that’s kind of odd, but hey you can. You can actually do this if you go into your settings you can actually sync your console with your TV Assuming your TV is somewhat new. by going into the system settings and enabling the HDMI device link option.

You can use your TV’s remote to scroll through your PlayStation 4 apps And you can even use it to turn it off and on. just be aware that if you Hit the power button and turn the TV off the ps4 will go into standby mode It won’t contain won’t turn completely off. so you have to understand you didn’t power it all the way down With your TV remote, but it’s not a big deal.

It is pretty cool though that the PlayStation 4 has all these options to use external devices like your phone and your TV remote to actually work with the system.

Dim The Light On Your Controller

I Didn’t know this one and number you could actually dim the light on your controller. The DualShock 4 has become known for the big blue light on its front side. But You can actually you can dim this thing pretty cool It looks cool, but it eats up your battery pretty quickly in your remote And if you want your controller to last longer. you can go into your settings and dim the light on your actual controllers. this will keep them running longer without having to fully sacrifice that nice blue glow. And speaking of controller power.

Charging Your Controller With A Phone Cable

At number 5 charging your controller with a phone cable. This one This one is imperative. You should know this one a lot of people don’t realize that you don’t need the official Sony cable to charge your controller.

Now Sony Would probably like you to believe you do so that you buy their products. But you don’t. In fact, almost all micro USB cables work as chargers and unless you have an iPhone. You’re probably aware that your phone charger is a micro USB.

Use your phone charger or any other MicroUSB cable to charge your controller, and if you’re an iPhone user don’t worry. Just keep in mind next time you have to buy a ps4 charger that you can save money. Just getting a generic micro USB Cable as opposed to the official Sony license one.

Which usually with that license officiality if you will they’re gonna charge you extra for just that. when in reality? The cords are all the same they all function the same, and you could get away using a much much cheaper one.

PlayStation Live

PlayStation live-streaming has become a huge part of the gaming world over the last few years. It’s getting bigger by the day the. PlayStation 4 is a pretty cool feature that allows you to see pretty much every stream you could Across all platforms.
So a lot of people don’t even watch TV on their TV anymore.

there were live streams on their computer They watch this stuff on their consoles. It’s titled live from PlayStation and this app allows you to browse through streams from YouTube gaming from twitch You stream all in one place rather than having to browse through all the apps Individually you can go find your favorite stream right there on PlayStation Live, which is pretty cool, and that’s the way entertainment is going is live streaming.

Play Music While You’re Gaming

Many people like to listen to music while they’re gaming. and you can play music while you’re gaming on your PlayStation 4. It has a feature That’s specifically tailored for this by installing Spotify to your console. OR just by downloading some mp3s. You can tinker around with your audio settings to make it. So you can play that music while you’re playing a game And you’re not going to be sacrificing the game’s audio.

It’s not going to mix the two together You can use both. The ps4 s audio mixer is pretty detailed and nine times out of ten. You can find that perfect mix that allows you to hear the music. Just as much as you need to hear the game. Also, if you have the added luxury of getting your music playing through your headphones.

OR through your TV speakers rather than your phone. Like I know many of us to do when we’re actually Gaming. So not a big deal But I know a lot of people like to listen to music while the game and the PlayStation 4 tailors write to you.

Voice Commands Through Your Headset

Many people forget that the PlayStation 4 actually has a pretty lengthy list of voice commands available to the user. That these can be accessed by any microphone. Voice commands through your headset. If you turn on voice commands in your Settings a microphone plugged into your controller can be used to activate them.

Your voice control settings also have a complete list of everything you can do with them. So be sure to look these over and take full advantage. It can be a stand-up mic desk mic. It could be the mic on your headset. a lot of people don’t realize that be a lot of people realize Xbox one has voice Control, but PlayStation 4 does as well.

Share Play

Number one tip for you guys today PS 4 Hacks whatever you want to call it. Share Play This is a super cool feature for those of you who like playing with your friends. But either that you don’t want it. You don’t have a second controller Or you want to play a game that doesn’t have split screen. Share plays a feature on the PS4 that allows the host to share the game with another player without them actually owning the game.

It even allows you to shift control of single player games from one to another. Like if you’re playing through a tough part of blood-borne you can shift control over to your buddy screen. And they can do it for You and get you through that level. Just as if you guys were playing together at your house and they handed you the controller.

Share play has a lot of awesome features and if you’re someone who likes to play PS4 with your buddies. You should definitely mess around with it. Also, see what all you can use it for. This isn’t something that people talk about. They don’t even really advertise it that much, but this is actually a big deal.

Not just for sharing and having somebody come in and help you with the game. But the fact that you can go let your friends play a game that maybe they couldn’t afford Or they couldn’t get at the moment. They could actually get on and play with you even though They never officially bought the game.

Final Words on PS4 Hacks

Those are 10 ps4 tips tricks hacks whatever you want to call them, maybe make your PlayStation 4 experience a little better. All of these things are in there some of them are just hidden. They don’t really talk about them that much all these functions. The PlayStation 4 does a lot and it’s not advertised all the stuff that it actually does. But once you’ve dived in There are a lot of cool little features on the console.

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