Perfect ways to Redeem PSN Codes/Voucher Codes {Full Guide}

Before we get to the part on how to redeem PSN codes voucher, subscription, and wallet top-up voucher codes on the Sony Entertainment Network account or previously known as the PSN account. Get your Unique 12 digit free PSN Codes right now! Now you need to redeem PSN Codes but how? Check here how to redeem PSN Codes for free in your PSN account.

Let’s look into what a voucher or a system is and how it works. Basically, they are cards that have unique codes on them, which when you enter via your device you’ll be credited with money through which you can make purchases.

We’re assuming you’re reading this article as you might have received a voucher code recently. Mainly in the form of gift cards. These vouchers have multiple purposes and must be redeemed before they expire. This is the ultimate guide on how you can redeem these vouchers in a few easy steps.

It works like any other voucher! These vouchers can be bought online, through their original website or via any 3rd party website. But we recommend using their website as the risks of falling into fraud are significantly low.

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What is Voucher Codes?

Originally a voucher code consists of a series of numbers, words or characters. When these codes are types onto the device, you receive a certain amount of discounts like 50% or 20% or you may just receive credit points. It is up to you how you want to use them.

A voucher can be used only once. To keep track of your tractions made via the account, you can sign into the SEN Account Management website. If a voucher has already been used, you will be able to see the voucher code as a part of the transaction details section.

Transferring content or funds between accounts is not possible, so be careful where you redeem the voucher or vouchers. You wouldn’t want your friend to receive your codes, would you?

Here is the ultimate guide stating the various ways you can possibly redeem your PSN voucher codes. This article covers any type of PlayStation you’re using all you have to do is read through the entire article and pick the right method and the best way to redeem your voucher for your SEN account.

If you’ve read this far, you must have a voucher code that you cannot wait to redeem. So let’s get right to it.

Information regarding Sony PSN Codes

Sony’s voucher codes exclusively have a unique 12-digit code which gives you prepaid access to everything on their store. Hence their voucher codes that are usually called gift cards are considered the perfect gifts.  These voucher codes can be used to purchase games, memberships, movies or you can just get credit instead of buying anything.

Sometimes the vouchers have a silver panel covering the code, use a coin to scratch the group off to reveal the system. Do not peel the board off as this has chances of damaging the law or ripping it apart.

You must also remember that the voucher code must match with the region of your PSN account. If you’re not sure of the area, and you have a physical voucher you can look at the card and look for a printed flag this will indicate the country.

If you are not aware of the region your account is from, you can always find out by signing into to SEN Account management settings.

First look for Account

Under Account, look for Account Details

Now, look at the Country or Region section that you’ll find at the bottom of the page

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Guide to redeem PSN codes/voucher codes

Redeeming PSN voucher codes are simple but let’s make it extremely simple for you with this step by step ultimate guide. Within 2 minutes you would have redeemed your code and will be on your way to the PlayStation store unlocking everything!

Before we get into the process of redeeming codes and vouchers, let’s understand a few of their rules and regulations that one must follow and keep in mind.

If you want to redeem a voucher code, you will have to make sure of three things

Having the specified hardware

A Sony Entertainment Network or previously known as PlayStation Network account that is registered in the country to which the voucher code relates to.

Internet service

One must be at least 7 years or older to open a Sony Entertainment Network account and must accept the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions regarding the vouchers, software usage terms and also privacy policy are available on their main website under legal, PSN terms.

If you’re 18 years or younger a member from your family will have to open an account for you and make a sub-account for you. If you have this form of an account then with the consent of the family member or the account holder you can redeem vouchers.

According to the rules, a voucher can be used only once for a single account and these voucher codes cannot be transferred or exchanged. Except when these voucher cards are gifted to other people.

Voucher codes must and should be used before the expiry date. If not it’s just a waste of money.

Voucher Codes would not come with the option of replacement if it were stolen or damaged or used without permission! They have all the right to block or terminate your account with no questions asked. They will also ask you for the payment via alternative forms. The company will go to any extent to keep accounts safe. Hence we recommend keeping your vouchers safe and staying away from all forms of trouble.

Voucher codes can be redeemed only in those countries where these services and content is provided. There might be some additional territorial restrictions that might be applied.

Certain voucher codes have restrictions of them, like user ratings and age ratings this is also including the software usage. This is in order to protect the children. Like, children might not have access to content rated higher than their prescribed usage.

PSN Voucher Codes

If a Voucher Code is defective or you seem to be facing a certain issue, your only remedy is the replacement of that particular Voucher Code. But only if it falls within their rules, terms, and conditions. But as you are their consumer you are entitled to a replacement as long are your reasons and problems are legitimate.

They may assign these Terms and Conditions to any present member of the Sony group of companies without consent provided that such assignment does not adversely affect your rights under these Terms and Conditions

Where Voucher Codes are given away as a part of any promotional offer, any complaints regarding the same must be addressed to the promoter (the source of the voucher) rather than the company. As they were not responsible for the promotional offer. Many people try to scam you, so be careful!

The Sony Entertainment Network account holders can only redeem voucher codes that are used to place funds in your PSN wallet. Wallet top-up vouchers just like other vouchers can be used only if the regions of the voucher and the registered Sony Entertainment Network account to match. This means if you’re 18 and under you will not be able to redeem this without adult consent. But, the account holder can set a spending limit which is usually monthly based. These wallet top-up voucher codes can be used only to purchase service or content.

As scary as the terms and conditions might look, there is no reason to worry about it as long as you stick to this guide. Redeeming free PSN codes are easy. Here is how one would have to go about it.

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Redeem Voucher codes on PS3

Similar to its successor PS4, redeeming a PSN Code on PS3 is equally easy and simple. You can easily redeem the voucher code through the Account Management option. All you have to do is follow these steps, and you’re good to go.

Step 1: Sign in the local user on your PS3.

Redeem PSN Codes on PS3 2

Redeem PSN Codes on PS3|


Step 2: Navigate Account Management and then look for the option Redeem Codes. Also, you can redeem PSN Codes in the PlayStation Store. All you have to do is just scroll to the bottom of the left menu and click on redeem codes.

Redeem PSN Codes on PS3 3

Step 3: Carefully type the PSN code that was on your physical voucher or online and select ‘Next.’

Redeem PSN Codes on PS3

Step 4: If everything is fine, the PSN Code amount lets, for example, say $5,10,20 would be added to your account.

It is as easy as it can get. Nothing really hard or complicated here.

Redeem PSN codes on PS4

You can redeem the voucher code on a PS4 device (for PS4 games) using your Account Management Settings on the SEN account, or you can use them at the checkout point at the PlayStation store, all you have to do is enter the voucher code. Here is a step by step instruction guide that you can follow in order to make the process hazel free.

Step 1: Go to Settings and navigations PlayStation Network.

PS4 Redeem PSN Codes Voucher Code

PS4 Redeem PSN Codes Voucher Code|

Step 2: Under that, look for Account Information.

Step 3: Look and click on Wallet to complete your next step.

PS4 Redeem PSN Codes Voucher Code2

Step 4: Now, select Add Funds options using the controller and press X button.

Step 5: There are multiple payment options, but you need to choose Redeem Code.

Step 6: Just enter the Free PSN Code that you have copied for the voucher and select ‘Continue.’

PS4 Redeem PSN Codes Voucher Code3

Step 7: After checking the validity of the voucher, the credit would get applied to your account. And it’s done.

Voila, voucher redeemed. Go crazy with it!

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Redeem PSN Codes Free on the Web

We can understand that a time might come when you’re away from your device and want to redeem your voucher. There is no need to worry; Sony always has solutions to your problems. Just follow these baby steps. Here they are,

Step 1: Open the PlayStation Website on your device.

Step 2: Sign In into your account.

Redeem PSN Codes via Desktop

Redeem PSN Codes via Desktop|

Step 3: You can find the option on the upper right-hand corner. Here you will have to type the credentials of your PlayStation account.

Redeem PSN Codes via Web

Step 4: Navigate to the PlayStation Store and then select on “Browse the Store”.

Step 5: Now, all you need to do is hover the mouse over your PSN ID. You will find it in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Redeem PSN Codes via PC

Step 6: Finally, click on “Redeem Codes.”

Step 7: Enter the 12 digit PSN Code or Voucher code. You will see the amount of the voucher has added to your existing balance. Let’s say if your old balance was $1050 and your voucher was worth $20. Your existing balance will show as $1070.

Note:  If your PlayStation 4 is on or there are chances you can get it powered on remotely, you can start downloading the game directly from your computer. This way you won’t have to wait to get back home and start playing and will not have to download it on your console all over again.

Redeem PSN Codes on PS Vita/PS TV

Moving on, if you want to redeem voucher codes on your PS tv or handheld devices we have a simple 3 step guide for the same.

Step 1: Go to the PlayStation Store and navigate to Options, under which you’ll find the option Redeem Codes.

PSN Redeem Codes for Vita 2

Redeem PSN Codes for Vita|


Step 2: Open Menu Option in which you’ll find the option “Redeem Codes.”


Step 3: Type in your code and select “Continue.”

 And Voila! It’s done.

NOTE – it is important that you cancel your subscription at least one day before the date of renewal if not the minimum price will be deducted from your SEN wallet. So make sure to redeem your codes at the right time. 

Redeem PSN codes with the PlayStation app

If you’re still looking for methods to avail your voucher, you can always do it via the app. The app is available for both android and ios. The app is completely free to download from the app store and the Google play store. Technology makes everything so easy these days!

Once you have downloaded the app, all you have to is find it on your phone and open it. You should be able to find the Redeem code icon option with ease.

The main advantage of using the app is the fact that you don’t have to type in the code. You can directly turn on your camera and just scan the code. All you have to do is make sure the code is within the boundaries of the camera screen, and the app will automatically detect the voucher code.

You can do it the old school way and type in the code as well, but the question over here is, why would you want to do that when there is an easy way out?

The last step to complete the process is to click on enter. And you did!

How to use a PSN Code if you’re under 18

If you’re under 18, you will be a sub-account holder of a SEN account that is held by a family member or an adult. Even though you’re under 18, you can still redeem your PSN voucher. But this method is slightly different as the PSN wallet is not associated with your account.

You will not be able to redeem these codes directly as you’re under 18. However, you can use your family Manager account and redeem the voucher. Before this, you will need access to your family account so that you can set up a monthly spending limit. This will allow you to spend from their wallets.

We’ve given you a way in. but how you manage to do it, is in your hands. Also, let this be our little secret!

Troubleshooting voucher codes

If you are experiencing any issues redeeming voucher codes, including PlayStation or in Store Cash and even on DLC (downloadable content), you can always start with the steps below and figure out where the problem lies:

  • Make sure the code is exactly as it is print. Even if a single character is wrong or typed in the wrong position, it can be read as invalid. Hence it is really important to be careful while entering your code.
  • Also, make sure to check the expiration date of the vouchers code. If the voucher code has expired, PSN will not be able to track it or read it and hence will call it an invalid code.
  • The last option is to try again later. Because sometimes their server might be facing issues. Due to these network issues, your code might not be acceptable.
  • If your voucher card was purchased from an Authorised dealer and you’re still facing issues,
  • Make sure your voucher card has been activated, only PSN retailers can activate voucher cards. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Also, make sure that the voucher code is being redeemed by the Sony Entertainment Account and not any Subaccount. If it still doesn’t work, you can check the region of the voucher code and the registered Sony account and make sure they match and are part of the same region or country.

Final Words

So, this was all about how to redeem PSN codes or voucher codes in your Sony’s PlayStation Account. Do share your thoughts and let us know if you’re having any trouble redeeming the voucher codes. You can also lookup for help on PlayStation’s official website.