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The PlayStation stores Mid Year Sale means PSN Store Deals is coming to an end and before it does. We want a once again go over ten great PSN Deals UNDER $10. Now we already covered ten other games. So check that article out if you haven’t. You’re gonna have some other recommendations outside of these.

PSN Store Deals sale just has so many great deals and a lot of great deals are coming at you very cheap. So we wanted to go over ten more. So without further do let’s get right into this….

PSN Store Deals Games:

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

First up we have the Vanishing of Ethan Carter for $5.99

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter PSN Store Deals

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter PSN Store Deals|

This was a game that released all the way back in 2015. It’s a hoary story-driven adventure. it’s set in an open world environment where you can roam around and explore at will. You have to solve all of these crimes and visually. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a fantastic looking game.

Even being a little bit older it originally released in 2014 back on PC. While there are some shortcomings in the gameplay it’s not all too complex. I’d say overall as an experience of Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a worthwhile still at $5.99 it’s a great pickup.


MATERFALL for $7.99



This was the latest game from Housemarque. Housemarque is a studio that has done some fantastic PlayStation downloadable titles including Super Stardust HD, Dead Nation, Next Machina and their most recent title was MATERFALL.

MATERFALL is a side-scrolling shooter with platforming element. The real major complaint about mater fall was the length. This is a rather short game you can complete it pretty quickly. But the content in the game is an absolute blast to go through.

If you aren’t a fan of Housemarque other stylish games MATERFALL gonna be right up your alley. For $7.99 still a little bit on the expensive side but I would say it’s worth it.

The Order:1886

We have a game that many would consider being one of the most disappointing PlayStation 4 games of this generation. That is the Order: 1886 down to $3.99

The Order 1886 PSN Store Deals

The Order 1886 PSN Store Deals|

Yes, it was a disappointing game but you have to remember this game released at $59.99. The issue with the game is primarily its Language. This game is very short you can complete it in 4 to 5 hours.

But there’s actually some quality content in there. Yes, the gameplay isn’t fantastic but what is fantastic is the visuals. This is without a doubt one of the best-looking PlayStation 4 games and even being 3 years old and holds up with the best looking games.

The story is very interesting and now that you’re paying just 3.99 for it. It’s absolutely worth it for that smaller contained experience. Unfortunately with how poorly this game performed. We’re probably never gonna see a follow-up to it. And there was a lot of potential with the world that the order $ 18.86 created.

But I just don’t think that potential will ever be realized. Till it’s worth checking out for just $3.99.

Need for Speed Rivals

The PlayStation 4 launch title and that is Need for Speed Rivals for just $4.99

Need for Speed Rivals PSN Store Deals

Need for Speed Rivals PSN Store Deals|

Now Need for Speed is a franchise that is really gone to the wayside the last few meter speed games have left a lot to be desired. However, the launch PlayStation 4 title and Need for Speed Rivals was very very good.

It really brings me back to how good Need for Speed Hot Pursuit was and you’ve got some great weather effects in here. Some intense game plan if you like or arcade racers Need for Speed Rivals is gonna be up your first choice.

If you play the last few Need for Speed titles and those turn you off go back and play need for speed rivals. Because this is actually a good one and hopefully at some point. We could see the franchise go back to what Rivals and games like Hot Pursuit set out.

For $4.99 you’re getting a pretty deep arcade racing experience.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within for $9.99

The Evil Within PSN Store Deals

The Evil Within PSN Store Deals|

Now, this isn’t The Evil Within – I will be honest with you guys I think The Evil Within is a far better game than the first title. however The Evil Within – is also priced at $24. So starting off with the first game at a much cheaper price isn’t a bad idea.

This is still a very good horror game and I’ve always said that The Evil Within does a good job of capturing that atmosphere of horror. The first title doesn’t miss out on that either. What it does miss out on is a good narrative that’s much better than the evil within.

The story in the first The Evil Within is kind of weird. Doesn’t make a lot of sense but if you want a quality horror experience on a little bit of the cheaper side. The Evil Within is a great pickup for $9.99. You’re probably gonna enjoy it enough where you’re gonna want to pick up evil within two as well


Inside for $7.99

Inside PSN Store Deals

Inside PSN Store Deals|

Inside was the second game by Playdead who also did Limbo. Which I think just about everybody played that game was released on just about every platform. Inside was their second title and you can very much see that Limbo influence in it. It’s a very dark side-scrolling platformer and thematically it’s exactly what you would expect.

It’s a very dark game a very high atmospheric game and many would go as far as to say that inside is a better game than Limbo and that’s a lot. Because Limbo was one of the best-received indie titles of all time.

Inside is a game that I know a lot of you guys have yet to check out. Maybe that’s because of the Xbox one version released before the PlayStation 4 version. Then the ps4 version didn’t come out to much fanfare.

But if you enjoyed limbo inside is a game that’s an absolute must own for $7.99 why not.

Lords of the Fallen Complete Edition

Lords of the Fallen Complete Edition for $5.99

Lords of The Fallen Complete Edition PSN Store Deals

Lords of The Fallen Complete Edition PSN Store Deals|

Lords of the Fallen was developed by Dec 13 who more recently released this Sergent. Much like the surge Lords of the Fallen is a very Souls like experience. Now is it as good as Dark Souls I probably wouldn’t go that far? But it’s got those elements where if you want more Souls words with the Fallen isn’t a bad option.

Now bear in mind that this is Death Thirteens first game. I would say they did a better job with this surge but that game still is pretty expensive. Lords of the Fall that just $5.99. If you’re itching for more souls if you’re itching for it on the cheap this isn’t a bad option.


Furi for $9.99

Furi PSN Store Deals

Furi PSN Store Deals|

Now Furi is a game that is very enjoyable. It’s got a lot of unique gameplay mechanics and it combines a lot of different elements. The only issue with this game really is the unforgiving difficulty and the issue with the difficulty. And it kind of spikes out of nowhere. It’s not like it ramps up and difficulty gradually it just randomly gets more difficult.

So that is a little bit of an issue that is gonna turn a lot of people off. If you don’t have a little bit of patience fury is not gonna be your cup of tea.

However, if you like more challenging games or if you’re okay with brutal difficulty  I think those people are gonna really enjoy Furi. It is at $9.99 which is still a little bit pricey. I do believe this was a PlayStation Plus title in the past.

So a lot of you already might own it but if not it is a good pickup.


Another PlayStation 4 launch channel and that is Resogun for $4.49

Resogun PSN Store Deals

Resogun PSN Store Deals|

Now, how about this and a PlayStation 4 launch that includes games like Battlefield 4, Assassin’s Creed 4, Killzone, Shadowfall, Needs for Speed Rivals so many games back in 2013. Thought Resogun was the best game at launch.

Resogun is another game by Housemarque. So that goes to show how great of a studio Housemarque is and Resogun is a very stylish shoot-’em-up. It’s got some great visuals awesome music and if you like more fast-paced games. Again if you’ve played Housemarque other titles Resogun is an absolute must own for $4.49 it is of the bargain.

Final Fantasy 7

Lastly, I do want to give a mention to Final Fantasy 7 for $9.59

Final Fantasy 7 PSN Store Deals

Final Fantasy 7 PSN Store Deals|

Yes, the Final Fantasy 7 remake is in development. But who knows when that’s gonna be released. Honestly,, I feel like playing through Final Fantasy 7 and then fight through the remake again to see how the game changes. Just being on how they translate this game that was originally released on the PS1 to the PS4.

I think that alone might be a more worthwhile experience than just experiencing Final Fantasy 7. For the first time through the remake. I might be crazy about that but if you’re eager to check out Final Fantasy 7. If you want to see what all the fuss is about.

This PlayStation 4 version doesn’t revolutionize in. Anyway, it’s the original Final Fantasy 7 experience with some minor tweaks you do have trophies support.  You do have a couple of other features in there but this is the Raw FF7 experience and that Raw experience is very good.

Final Fantasy 7 is widely heralded as one of the best JRPGs of all time. And definitely one of the most iconic with one of the best stories. So if you like JRPGs and you never played Final Fantasy 7 you need a remedy that ASAP and $9.59.

Yes, a little bit on the expensive side during this is what a 21-year-old game at this point still for how quality it is I would say it’s worth it.

Final Word

So that’s gonna conclude this article often great deals as a part of the PSN Store Deals mid-year sale under $10. All of these games are great value all interesting experiences. While not the best games in all regards with games like the order $18.86. You’re only paying $3.99 and it’s a game that I think a lot of you guys decided to skip out on. Also check PSN Flash Sale here.

Because of the negative reception however at this price, it’s still a worthwhile experience and it was a pretty good game. It’s just things like it was a $60 game it was a $4.4 experience that did really hold it back in terms of gaining a positive reception.

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