everything you should know about ps5

Everything You Should Know About PS5 – PlayStation 5

Even though Sony’s next iteration of the PlayStation console is still years away. Thanks to statements from industry insiders analysts as well as Sony executives. We can already get an idea of what the PS5 is going to be and when it’s coming out. So what let us dive into it…

Before we start though let’s answer a question which is quite essential when it comes to this topic. If they’re even going to be a PlayStation 5? Has it been confirmed or at least hinted at by Sony or is all of this based entirely on rumors and speculation?

Well, Sony used to be produced trained when talking about its future plans with comments like these made by the president of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida.

It’s really up to the game creators if they still feel that we need for Machine power. There is a good reason to have a PS 5. So the developers can create their vision. So, we’ll see. -Shuhei Yoshida

That was a quote from a few years ago. However more recently Sony seems to be a bit more open about his next big thing. In July of 2017 Shawn Layden, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America was asked whether there would be a PS5 switch. He replied, “Yes but it will be some time”.

There you have it the PlayStation 5 has pretty much been confirmed by Layden. But that shouldn’t really be to anyone surprised.

The PlayStation 4 is still showing on cupcakes and it’s on its way to becoming one of the best-selling video game consoles of all time. Therefore the decision not to make a PS5 would appear to be a little strange, to say the least. So yes it sure looks like the PlayStation 5 is going to happen.

Thus let’s move on to all the specific details and information about the system.

The release date of PS5

When we take a look at release dates of the previous PlayStation. We can see that the average gap between the consoles is approximately six years long. Now since the PS4 came out in November of 2013 that would put the PS5 somewhere around the fall of 2019. This is obviously just a simple prediction based on the past. But as a matter of fact Michael Pachter a well-known industry analyst also believes it is 2019. Therefore today it sure seems like the most likely release window for the PlayStation 5 is indeed fall of 2019.

In spite of this, you might have heard about the rumor which suggested that it was actually come out a year earlier in 2018. And even though this information came from a kind of a reliable source. We are going to ignore it for now because it seems highly unlikely. Sony would release its next console just two years after the release of PlayStation 4 Pro.

In fact, ps4 pro is the reason why many believe PS5 will launch as late as 2020. And it wouldn’t be so surprising exact ended up being the case but we will stick with light 2019 is our prediction for now.

Hardware in PS5

Before we proceed to talk about the actual hardware PlayStation 5. There’s something that should be addressed. We’ve mentioned the ps4 Pro a few times already it was Sony’s first mid-cycle upgrade and it has been quite a successful run. There’s been a lot of talk going on about the end of console generations as we know them. The beginning of iPhone like upgrade cycles. This indeed seems to be the approach Microsoft is taking with the Xbox One X. However Sony has made it very clear that their thinking is different and the PlayStation gamers do not need to be worried about being forced to buy a new console every two years or so.

Mark Cerny the architect of PlayStation consoles said…

PS4 Pro is not intended to blur the lines between counsel generation. This is very much a PlayStation 4.5. -Mark Cerny

In addition, Shawn Layden confirmed that they are staying true to quote-unquote normal console cycle and the big smartphone style upgrade approach will not take over. This again just reconfirms as we are going to see a PS5 sooner or later but what hardware will rock.


By 2019 4k TVs will almost certainly have gone mainstream. Hence ps4 will naturally support gaming in native 4K. As a matter of fact, the Xbox One X already supports gaming in native 4K and so does the PS4 Pro to some extent. For those reasons, 4K gaming on PlayStation 5 is simply a given. But what else do we know about the guts of the console? Well just like the current lineup of PlayStation hardware it’s likely the feature of chipset by AMD.

In fact, AMD has already been rumored to be working on a chipset for PS5. Which is reportedly five times more powerful than the Jaguar APU that can be found in the PlayStation 4. Additionally, it’s set to support backward compatibility with PS4 and PS4 Pro software and it is supposedly focused on virtual reality as well.

On top of the AMD APU, the PlayStation 5 will rock 16 or 32 gigabytes of RAM and a hard drive or hopefully an SSD drive. What about an optical drive though. Well, a 4k Blu-ray drive also is included. Well with digital sales rising and the usability of streaming services like PS now increasing it is questionable. Nonetheless, we believe that an optical drive of some sort will stick around for one more generation. YouTube’s backward compatibility with the PS4 as well as the fact that Sony made such a huge emphasis on the traditional methods of sharing video games when reviewing the PlayStation 4. If you are player of PS4 then you will definitely like our blog about – PS4 Secrets and Hack.

Virtual Reality

If we don’t count the Intimus Virtual Boy released by Nintendo over two decades ago. Sony has been the first console manufacturers put out the virtual reality headset thanks to the PlayStation VR. It was released in October of 2016 and it was proven to be quite a successful Japanese tech giant with over 1 million units sold in just a few months. As it was already mentioned the AMD APU which is likely to be inside the PS5 is being designed to work well with Keyon.

But it seems like Sony is planning to continue supporting virtual reality. The current PSVR Headset already lags behind its competition though since it only features 1 full HD display for both eyes. While with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift each eye gets his own 1080 by 1200 pixel display. So the PSVR headset is likely to get upgraded with higher resolution display and hopefully, we’ll get rid of the external black box as well.


This article has been packed with information. It can be said with certainty that Sony is working on a PS 5 which should be unveiled sometime before fall of 2019. In addition to the next-generation console, we are also likely to see an updated VR headset with the high-resolution display.

In the console itself, we’ll probably find an AMD APU five times more powerful than the one and ps4. Accompanied by 16 or 32 gigs of RAM as well as an optical drive. We hope that all of this will be packed in the one fancy looking black box. Gamers will be proud to show us in their living room.

So what do you think about the PlayStation 5 in the future of video game consoles?

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