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August 2018 FREE PS4 Game Deals Release Date Rumor

August 2018 FREE PS4 Game Deals Release Date Rumor – In today’s article, we’ve got confirmation about a highly anticipated JRPG coming over to the states. The game has been announced for a little bit. But now we’ve got the official word that the game will be localized in a multitude of different languages. We also have some gameplay details on Metro Exodus and it’s deep weapon and gear customization options. Middle Earth Shadow we are just got a new PS4 System update and that is out.

A new PlayStation 4 action RPG has its release date confirmed. The division 2 producer explains the move to Washington DC. We’re on that in a little bit…

Highly Anticipated PlayStation 4 J RPG (PS4 Game Deals)

First, let’s talk about a highly anticipated PlayStation 4 J RPG that a lot of gamers were worried about whether or not this game would be coming stateside. But it looks like Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link will the week be localized into English, French, Italian, German and Spanish as publishers Cygames confirm to Komatsu. Now it’s out of that we don’t have much more information about a timeline.

This game was actually originally scheduled to release in 2018 in Japan. However, that probably won’t be happening. This game is actually getting its next major update and reveal sometime in December during the aptly named Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link Festival 2018. Which will run from December 15 to the December 16th.

This is one J RPG that quickly captivated every gamer maybe it’s because of the incredible art direction the great music. It’s all of those things together but even if you’re not a big fan of Japanese games. It’s hard to look at grand new fantasy project one cannot be pleased with how this game is shaping up. This is yet another major PlayStation 4 exclusive. Also, it’s another one of those Japanese exclusives that really round out the ps4 is already a great library.

Yes, it has a great core lineup of exclusives.

Japanese Games

These Japanese exclusives are what really add a lot more depth to the ps4 library games a YA Cuza and games like Persona 5 and of course the upcoming grand with fantasy project rolling now.

I hope this will be a 2019 release over here in the States as well. But honestly, I do foresee this being a game that’s released in 2020. This is the kind of game where it doesn’t really matter if the PlayStation 5 is out at that port. Even if the PS5 is announced. We see this with Japanese publishers all the time. They just release their games on the platform they deem the best fit to see those games be released on me.

Saw the PlayStation 3 after the ps4 game deals release. A lot of Japanese games the PlayStation Vita is still getting a lot of Japanese games. So in terms of a platform’s notoriety that doesn’t come into play as much in terms of releasing a Japanese game. But great to see that Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link will be coming stateside at some point probably not for a while.

Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link

Again that is coming somewhat soon Metro Exodus is set for release next year in February. Now we’ve done an insight on some of the gameplay mechanics of the game. speaking with gaming both Cuban wanna head of general brand management and metro publisher Deep Silver talked about the game itself and here’s what he said…

Granblue Fantasy Project Re Link- PS4 Game Deals

PS4 Game Deals Release Date: Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link

“I’m not gonna pretend that we are a deep RPG. We obviously have a really rich weapon customization system. You discover new parts for weapon and scavenge for weapon and strip them for parts you can then customize base weapons. So you have a hundreds of different permutations there”.

We’ve also added other aspects of your character that you can upgrade. and previous games we offered to too this time around we will give you the ability to customize the gear that you’re wearing like getting upgrades for your helmet.

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is one of my most anticipated games of 2019. But it seems like that anticipation isn’t really there for everyone. Maybe that’s because we still have this huge wave of fall games to get through. Also, maybe it’s also because not everyone played Metro 2033 and Metro Last Night and if you didn’t it I really would recommend you go check out the Metro renew collection.

PS4 Game Deals Release Date Rumor: Metro Exodus

PS4 Game Deals Release Date Rumor: Metro Exodus|

Because Metro 2033 and Metro Last Night are both fantastic single-player first-person shooters. They’ve got great stories they’re very atmospheric, great visuals. It’s not like the gigantic investment in terms of time to complete the game. Metro Exodus does look to be more of an open experience compared to Metro 2033 in Metro Last Light. so that is kind of interesting.

They have specified it isn’t a full-blown open world title. But this is gonna be another game that is going to be one of the defining games of 2019. Now, guess what? It is releasing on February 22nd which is one of the most stacked days of game releases I think ever. That day will see the release of Metro Exodus days gone as well as the highly anticipated EA title anthem.

So I’ve been saying for a lot of games to move away from the fall release. And get their release in early 2019. Well with days like February 22nd the competition is still very much gonna be there. But I’m sure Metro Exodus will do get enough.

Upcoming Players Update in Metro Exodus

  • With the ability to modify weapons in the field players can customize their setup depending on the situation at hand.
  • The flexible Kailash can quickly transform from long-range to close quarters configuration and with the right upgrades, the basic 3 shot revolver can be turned into a silenced six-chambered and the deadly accurate handgun.
  • Crouching and sticking to the shadows will reduce your chances of being discovered by enemies.
  • The blue stealth indicator on your wrist will glow when you’re at risk of being seen.
  • Interacting with the environment around you is also key.
  • Extinguishing torches and creating a distraction by throwing tin cans to confuse enemies as to your whereabouts allowing you to get close and execute a silent kill.

Middle Earth Shadow of War

Next up we have a new Middle Earth shadow of war update the one update to rule them all. There’s a post over on the PlayStation Blog that goes over some of the improvements. My cozy bladder vice president creative of monolith production said that…

These are the improvements that they are most excited about coming out of this update. The free reign that has completely removed the market and microtransactions from shadows of war. now you have garrison where orcs you recruit through online vendetta’s and rank conquest will be stored and you can now spend in-game Arian to train upgrade and customize your personal or army.

Middle Earth Shadow of War: PS4 Game Deals Release Date Rumor

Middle Earth Shadow of War: PS4 Game Deals Release Date Rumor|

the inclusion of the shadow wars the post-campaign epilogue has been massively streamlined and polished to include new narration from Shelob the Witch-king and Dark tally and Victory.

In the epilogue grants you reward unlocks powerful new abilities to raise the dead summon more powerful monsters or curse your enemies. If you want to keep upgrading and defending your fortress and your army and Mordor you can do so after the final credits roll.

they’re said to be more power given to the players new skins and nemesis improvements. So if you stop playing Middle Earth shadow war for a little bit and you want to revisit the game now is a pretty good time to do so as it’s gotten a pretty significant update.

Moving on from that the game that isn’t getting a lot of anticipation

Headed into the stacked fall lineup of game releases is the action RPG Call of Cthulhu being developed by cyanide studios and published by Focus Home Interactive.

We now have a release date on this action RPG at least according to Steam and it’ll be coming on October 30th.

The game is set in 1924 private investigator Pierce is sent to look into the tragic death of the Hawkins family on the isolated dark water island. soon enough Pierce is pulled into a terrifying world of conspiracies cultists and cosmic horrors. nothing in the game is as it seems.

Sanity is a regular bedfellow all too often replaced by whisperings in the dark strange creatures weird science and sinister cults dominate the Cthulhu Mythos intent on realizing they’re mad schemes to bring about the end of everything.

This looks to be a very mature action RPG and it could be one of the steeper hits heading into the fall.

It is releasing a kind of a bad time around a lot of the big game releases like Red Dead Redemption to fallout 76 it’s kind of stuck right in between there. if that October 30th day comes to fruition but with a smaller title like this communicator to a niche audience and hopefully that audience checks out the game.

Call of Cthulhu

Finally, senior producer of the division – Christian Potter spoke with gamers and talked about moving the division 2 Setting. Here’s what he said…

“So we wanted to go from New York City right from the narrow streets of Manhattan. We wanted to move to a city that would offer us much more diversity and different opportunities for encounters. We’ve done the research and searched multiple cities. There was only one choice for us and that was Washington DC. That’s the seat of power in the US this is where the Division HQ actually also is”.

“It felt for us very natural to go there and looking at Washington DC offered this diverse environment. All these biomes that offered us a great opportunity. The Washington Monument is a great example. Because it’s wide spaces allow us to create different types of opportunities for players”.

He continued by saying…

“When we made the choice we worked with architects. Special forces people that are from the city. Urban explorers researchers and so on. To pick up where was the best place for us to create this environment. So we ended up with the section of the map that you’ve seen.”

Of course, we have some surprises in the post-launch that may extend on that.

PS4 Game Deals Release Date Rumor: Call of Cthulhu

PS4 Game Deals Release Date Rumor: Call of Cthulhu|

The Division was one of those games that had a lukewarm reception on launch. But Ubisoft stayed committed to the franchise and seemingly. It does have a pretty reasonable following.

With the division tube, there seems to be a pretty reasonable amount of height for this game as well.

The division twos release isn’t all too far off. It’ll be coming on March 15, 2019.  So I can see the big reveal was the setting Washington DC.

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