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We’re always looking for an opportunity to gain free things. Who doesn’t like free things, right? This article is the ultimate guide to get free PSN codes with the help of the guide below.

Even though we might say free PSN codes. It is important to understand that nothing comes free in this world. In order to get these free PSN Discount Code, you’ll have to do certain tasks in return. So, here are the various methods you can use to get Free PSN Codes.

The PlayStation Network

The PSN network or famously known as the PlayStation Network is an online based media and content distribution network that was launched in the year 2006.

The PlayStation network was launched by Sony Corporation originally created to support the PS3 game console. Over time they expanded their services and were able to support the PlayStation 4, other Sony devices and also streaming of music and video content.

The PlayStation Network is controlled by Sony Entertainment Network and they compete with the Xbox live network. Now they have around 70 million active users ranging from gamers to movie watchers.

Like any other network, the PlayStation network can be accessed via the internet. It could be done using PS3, PS4 or any device that is compatible. To gain access to the PlayStation Network you must create an account. They have both the options of having a free and a paid subscription.

Being a member of the PlayStation gives you access to the PlayStation store where you can buy online games and videos. You can make purchases using your standard debit card or via a Play Station Network card.

What is PSN Voucher Code?

A PSN Voucher Code usually consists of 12 digits. When you enter the code onto the device you will get the credit that corresponds to the value of the voucher. Voucher codes are mainly used by kids as they do not have access to credit cards and cannot purchase PSN subscriptions online. There are various locations where you can buy these voucher codes or famously known as gift cards.

You can get them at any retail store or even at your nearest petrol station. You can use these voucher as you wish at the PlayStation Store. This PSN Voucher code represents a certain value through which you’ll receive credit at the Play Station store.

So keep your codes safe and damage free.

PSN Code Generator

There are a lot of PSN code generators that claim they are capable of generating free PSN voucher codes. They claim to have hacked the Play Station servers and can now generate codes.

Usually, the scam starts the minute you clock on “Generate code now” let’s go about how it looks once you’ve got yourself into one of these websites.

The process starts with you clicking on “Generate Code” The website will then show you a fake live feed in a process, which makes you believe the entire website is legit and within no time you’ll get a code and be rich!

After all this you might have some hope, wondering if it will work. But let me break it down to you, after all the trouble you’ve gone through, the website will show you incomplete or blurred PSN voucher codes. It will then ask you to confirm your account details and will also ask for additional details. And when you complete this process the website will make around $0.20 to $2. This means you’re definitely not receiving any code with any credit that you can use at the PlayStation Store.

Do not fall into any their traps. It is really important to keep a lookout for these websites and possibly report these websites to the Play Station store. They do everything in their power to make their websites look true and believable by adding chat boxes, reviews and many more.

How to get free PSN Codes legally?

1. Free Giveaways and Giveaway sites.

Play Station games are extremely fun, but after a few days of playing you tend to get good at them and they stop entertaining you. Since Play Station Games are awfully expensive you cannot buy one every week. This is when these free voucher codes or PS4 games will come into play.

A lot of YouTubers and Social Media Influencers who are gamers, these gamers usually have tie-ups and promotional deals with PlayStation Network. But to receive these promotional vouchers, you have to be following these social media influencers or subscribed to their YouTube pages.

In addition to promotional codes, they also hold giveaways. These could be for brand new games or for gift vouchers. The only drawback is that these giveaways have millions of entries. This lowers your chances of winning. But there is no harm in giving it a go!

The chances of winning are relatively high when the giveaway is helping by a legitimate company or a very highly influenced media influences. Let’s say like a celebrity or one of the top most subscribed YouTubers.

Hence, we suggest you follow Tech channels, pages where huge giveaways are held by Google

Play Gift Cards, Wallet codes and the most obvious one, PlayStation Network codes. You can put on your detective hat here and try to follow the page’s history and look at the past give away winners. This will give you an idea of what they look at when they pick their winners.

You can also save time by learning how to use advanced search parameters to make your work easy to look for free PSN codes online.

2. Reward Websites and GPT Websites


This Points2shop website is considered one of the best and most reliable ones to earn free cash and rewards. It has been running for 9 years, making it one of the oldest websites out there. They have the option of earning points via check, PayPal or earning credits that can be redeemed for various prizes. These prizes also include free PSN codes and free games. This process is very easy all you need is a bank account or any external source of money. It’s completely free!

The question you might have at mind here is how does one get these points that we spoke about in the previous para? It’s simple. One has to complete certain tasks in order to receive credit or points. Points are there an in-app currency that can be redeemed in exchange for other gifts. Their tasks vary from watching advertiser’s videos, downloading apps and reaching certain levels. All their offers are quick and easy to gain points.

Once you have enough points in store and are ready to use it, click on “Spend Points” option at the top and then select “Gamer Gift Cards.” Under this section, you will find Play Station Network voucher cards. These voucher or gift cards range from $10 to $20. You can redeem these cards as you wish at the Play Station Store. The possibilities of things you can buy are endless!


Rewards1 works similar to Points2shop. It is based on the same ideology where the work you do is converted into credits or points. Earning on this website is easy and a lot of fun. Their tasks range from completing tasks like surveys, internet research, online shopping, playing games online and participating in giveaways.

After collecting enough number of points in your account, you can redeem your free PSN voucher/gift cards.  All you have to do is navigate to the rewards section and select “gift cards” There you will be PSN gift cards worth $10 or $20. The next and last step is to select redeem and you’re good to go.


SwagBucks are one of the best ways where you can get free PSN codes. After you finish signing up, you’ll be redirected to the main home page. At the home page, you’ll be able to see many offers. On completion of these offers, you’ll receive Swag Bucks. Swag bucks are the in-app currency. Just like the other two websites mentioned above, earning via Swag bucks is a fun and easy method.

The method to redeem your Swag bucks for PSN voucher codes is simple. Just visit the rewards section and select rewards store to redeem your voucher codes.

Tip: Point based system websites give you more credit or in-app currency when you refer more people. And when they use your code to create an account you’re rewarded with credit. To the best and quickest way to make more credit is by using your referral code and create another account. You can use both the accounts to attract more users and gain more credit.

3. The Barter System

A lot of times people are gifted codes and they might not even own a Play Station device. In such situations, these people usually exchange or sell them for goods online. There are chances that you could win the jackpot and get a legitimate code in return for absolutely nothing.

But there are many times that people have got lucky by receiving the right codes worth a lot of value. The best places to find these vouchers are on “Reddit” and “eBay.” You might have to spend a little in order to find these voucher codes. Keep an open eye open for daily posts and voucher codes.

Online PlayStation Code Generators

There are several sites on the web offering PlayStation Codes free of cost. You will know this with the number of links that show up if you Google “Free PSN Codes Generator”. However, you need to realize that most of these are scams which show animation and fake live feed processes to look authentic.

These generators initiate an incomplete or blurred PlayStation Code and ask you to fill a survey in order to get your full code. There could be prompts for offers, game advertisements that you can be asked to click to complete the transaction. The developers of the website make around $2 when you complete such offers. Choose your generator carefully.

Play Station Network (PSN) Code Generator Scams

The internet is a vast place with endless possibilities. You will come across several websites that are highly ranked and belong to the major search engines, yet you might find yourself in the middle of these generator scams. Hence it is really important to analyze the specs of the website even though it might look completely fine from the outside or on the surface.

We recommend that you don’t trust a website only because they have good ratings online. The internet can be a very deceiving place. The main psychology behind this trick is to lure visitors to their website. The developers of these sites designed the pages in a strategic manner. These developers use an effective link building strategy which forces the search engines to show their website at the top.

The developers are aware that their force is not permeant and won’t last a long time. After a certain period, their scam generating website won’t be visible at the top. Once they lure some visitors and they notice it’s a scam, their website will be put down as soon as possible.

Once a website is put down, it will not take them more than a few days to come up with a new website, a different name, a different outlook. But the same purpose! Also, such sites have multiple scams running at the same time. You stop one, one more will pop up from elsewhere.

These websites are only a source of money generation. Once you open their website and click anywhere or on a link, you’ll be redirected to a different page or a window. From there you’ll be stuck with numerous pop-ups. And for every click or pop up, the website makes money. And what do you get in return? You’d hope for free PSN codes. But, we know that is definitely not happening and you’ve just helped them make money.

Keeping your account safe from scams

With the rise in the number of scams, it is really important to stay alert and keep your account details safe. You can prevent scammers from taking away your hard earned credit points with one just measure. That is to keep all your personal data safe and close to you. So not reveal your address, phone number or any other item that will give out your individual identity.

Another solution would be to stay away from any website you think is unreliable and is a scam based website. We can understand that everyone is looking for PSN voucher codes or credits through which they can buy these vouchers. But, just think about it, is it worth the risk? If you’re found guilty, your account can be banned or blocked from the PSN store.

So, keep your account and personal details safe. Even when you’re playing a game, never reveal any information via chat, even if you trust or know the person.

Keeping your PSN account password safe is also a really important measure. Try to make sure your password is strong enough and has a combination of alphabets, characters, and numbers. Also, add in a combination of upper and lower case alphabets. This makes it harder for anyone to get into your account.

How to get Free PSN Codes?

Users have to subscribe to attain this service which is of exclusive quality and is basically used to enhance the gameplay experience as well as assimilate.

Some social features are available on PlayStation Plus like rentals, movie streaming, and even purchases (PlayStation Video), which is a cloud-based TV programming service (PlayStation Vue), music streaming through PlayStation Music.

And also a gaming service via cloud which is known as PlayStation Now.

You need to set up an online account in order to access PlayStation Network. You can either create an account for free or be a paid subscriber.

With the help of free PSN Codes tool, you can even create almost unlimited amounts of free PlayStation codes and they are later used as a free PSN gift card in your account like Free Steam Wallet Codes.

If you loved the game, you could easily buy it later from the PlayStation Store. Thus, you can get all the games without spending even a penny. Steps you will be using the online free PSN codes generator tool:

The 1st step is to enter your email address this is where we will send you your premium free PSN code.

The subsequent step is of choosing what free PSN gift card you will like to have. We have $100, $200, $500 and $1000 nominal cards for each country.

After selecting which PSN code you want, the system will create a special unique code for you. But before you use it to purchase the game, our adverts will be assigning the code that the user had requested.

To allow the code you will have to activate it.

To activate the code and to allow the balances of desired reasonable of the free PSN code you will to manually complete one captcha for our advertisers.

Quick Thoughts:

In case you are still uncertain whether or not to use a Free Code.

Consider this – there are several legitimate PlayStation code generators that have been provided just to make your PlayStation experience better.

Since it has been creating for your benefit, why not use it?

Moreover, the generator mentioned on this site is absolutely free finally. In case you are skeptical, try it, because there is nothing to lose!

In case it worked for you (which it will) enjoy your game. Also, don’t forget to check our PSN blog where we are posting the regular tricks and update of PS4. Let your friends know about this authentic code generator.

Do share your opinions about this Genuine PSN Codes Generator and let us know if you’re facing any trouble in using the online Generator tool in the comment section below.

We’ll reply to all your queries and possible.

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